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Successfully Placed!


and thank you to Gary of Lewistown, Montana!

"Phase the Music"

13 year old, 16.1hh, bay, Registered Zweibrucker (Hannoverian/Thoroughbred) mare



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Music is sound and healthy.
She is a sweetheart to work with and to handle.
I love her!
She has a soft, friendly, affectionate personality and demeanor.
She is completely comfortable barefoot, with very good feet.
Music is a nice mover, with 3 pretty gaits.
She has had a career as a H/J, at a busy, performance horse barn.
She has been ridden by Adult Amateurs and Juniors.
At the age of 13, she has lots of delightful years left to be your companion/best friend.
Adoption fee currently only $850 to the perfect home.


This is a lovely, sweet, mare!

Music is looking for her new wonderful home as a Mom/Companion/Pasture Pet.

She is a delight to handle: to be around and spend time with.

She has a soft and affectionate personality; loves TLC, and to be doted and kissed on.

Music is very cuddly for a mare.

She is brave and educated on the ground and under saddle/over fences.

She has a nice enough temperament to have been ridden on the flat and over fences by Juniors/Amateurs.

Undetermined issues with her back has interrupted her performance/riding career.

Music is very nicely bred for the Performance Horse world.

She will be an excellent addition to your breeding program.

Music is sound and healthy.

Videos available by request!


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee



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***International Caliber Friesian gelding***

Motivated Seller!

Must Sell!

Price Negotiable to the perfect home!

Here's your opportunity to own a marvelous, recently Imported, "already acclimated to life in the USA" Friesian, without the costs, complications and aggravations!

Proudly Offered and Presented
by Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales:




5 year old, 16hh, black, Imported and Registered Friesian gelding

Registration number:  208339201703027

Sire:  "Eise 489"

Dam:  "Madonna"

Dam's Sire:  "Hinne"


This is one of the most spectacular, most talented, fanciest Friesians that I have worked with! 

In my opinion, an absolutely glorious example of the best of the breed!

And it is marvelous that he is already here in the states, and fully acclimated to the USA!

He is definitely fancy and talented enough for a Professional, or a Junior/Adult Amateur with a lot of ambition to compete up the levels!

However, he would also be lovely for any Friesian enthusiast, looking for a splendid sweetie boy to love, treasure and enjoy.

Ducati is totally sound and healthy, and ready to begin and excel in his career.

He is comfortable in pasture with buddies, or in a Performance Horse barn environment.

Super forward energy, lots of sparkle and pizzazz.

Excellent Performance conformation.

A ton of hind end movement, extremely uphill and expressive gaits.

Phenomenal mover!

Ducati has had a full year of trails with his current owner.

(Description by Owner)

I bought Ducati in April of 2021 from Black Sterling Friesians. I've put 6 months of dressage training into him in addition to the training he came with. He does not have any bad habits. He ties well, stands for farrier, grooming... he trailers well. Not head shy in the least. Stands for fly spray. Blankets and fly masks are no problem.


I've had him on every trail in Sonoma county. I've had him at the beach and in water. Confident and solid. He is not spooky. 


He gets along WONDERFULLY with all other horses. He's never bucked, reared or bolted. He's super sweet and just a gentleman. My 17yr old has ridden him both in arena and on trail and she's just a beginner.  Fully vaccinated, up to date with teeth/deworming. He's shod on all 4 feet and I have X-rays of his front legs...

He's also fully insured


(Description by Riders/Handlers in Holland)


Height: 16.0 hands 

We really like Ducati because of his funny character.

He loves to get cuddles!

He is very friendly to other horses when they are in the paddock/pasture together.

Ducati is a very sweet horse. He is patient with brushing and standing in cross ties; sweet with washing. He doesn't really like clipping his legs and ears, however.

Ducati has 3 very good gaits------ especially his walk--it is very good for a Friesian!  And his trot is quite spectacular.

He always wants to work for his rider,  but he is not "hot."

 For carriage driving, he is very good driven as a single, in a pair and in a four in hand.

 Also when driven as a single he goes without blinkers in heavy traffic and doesn't bat an eye!


Located in Petaluma, Ca., but easy to ship if you live anywhere else.


Offered at $35,000

Motivated Seller!

New sacrifice Price!

Only $4,500 Negotiable!

The perfect pony for an affordable price!



9 year old, 38" tall, Perlino Pony


Description and photos provided by owner:


"Applesauce", (lovingly named by my 2 year old son for his color), is an now 9 years old, Perlino, and the most personable pony around. Stands 38", lovely conformation, absolutely sound and healthy! He is as sweet as they come and the definition of "in your pocket". He even comes running to greet us! Prefers humans over any of the other animals he has lived with (and that's quite a few) and is a fun and playful guy! FULL of personality, but not spicy or pushy. He has extensive experience being shown in driving by a teen who was involved in 4H prior to us purchasing him. I have had many first time drivers "behind the wheel" and he is excellent for any level of driver. Not spooky (lots of exposure from his show and parade experience in the cart). We drive him up the roads, around noisy, big trucks and lots of commotion, and he is quiet and sensible. Been ridden leadline with young children, minimal experience being ridden off the lead, but he has great steering and listens to voice commands; it wouldn't take much to get him going that way. Ponied on trail rides. You can pull him out after 2 months and hitch and go. No need to work him down; he's the same pony every time. Even with his buddies calling for him from the pasture, he is a polite and not-herd bound, or anxious guy. He knows work means work. Wonderful at rating different trot speeds required for showing, but also a nice skill to have for riding or driving! I do not lunge Applesauce (although he knows how and lunges well). He has great feet, no shoes required. Wonderful to bathe and clip. Used to the show horse gig. Trailers like a dream, great for farrier, first to greet you in the field.  He is adorable as all get out! Hard not to fall in love with ones like these!

Only selling because my son has 1. Outgrown him (or will VERY SOON - he's a big almost 5 year old) and 2. I incurred many medical bills for myself the past 3 months trying to get a seizure disorder managed. Will require first right of refusal. We love this pony and have been very conflicted about selling, but I know someone will absolutely adore him and get lots of enjoyment. 


Asking  $4,500


Located in Cotati, CA


Please be aware that I have not met most of the horses that I list on my website.

I am often just the link/conduit between the Seller and the Buyer.

Therefore, the descriptions, photos, and videos I have on the website are provided by the Seller.

I trust that the material I am given is honestly representative of the horse I am advertising.

I do not take responsibility for discrepancies.

Please remember buying horses is always "Buyer Beware"!

If you buy or adopt a horse, please be sure you do your homework, and due diligence.

All the best,




Congratulations to Ashley of Rancho Cordova, Ca!

14 year old, 16.1hh, bay, Imported and Registered German Warmblood mare

Registration number:

DE 481 810157807

This is a marvelous mare!

All the best qualities and attributes of a splendidly bred German Warmblood!

Someone is going to be super lucky to have her!

She is sweet and easy to handle on the ground and around the barn.

The injured leg looks great!

No heat and no swelling.

No noticeable/visual lameness in the walk or trot.

After her Rehab is complete, she should be a dream of a flatwork/trail horse.

Plenty of years left, to be your best friend.


(Wording from Rescue Group):

"Quin is a 14-year old Warmblood (German Sporthorse and shipped here from Germany) mare standing at 16.3hh (registered with USEF).  She is recovering from a left front SDFT tear (on 3/1/22).  She is currently being rehabbed with handwalking and using a Eurosizer 2 times a day.  She has always been in a training program her whole adult life and used to being in a stall (with paddock).    She has been ridden by advanced young children (and adults too I believe).  Recommending no jumping in her future but would be a great trail or arena horse."


Offered at an adoption fee because of her current Rehab status


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


"California Canadians
Endeavour Inferno"

Congratulations to Gretchen of Arcata, Ca!

Born May 3rd, 2021

Already 13hh, black, Registered Canadian Horse Colt

Canadian Horse Registration number: [Can] 15102


Sire: "Pendennis Faquyr Endeavour" aka "Spirit" [Can] 14644

Dam:  "Golden Gate Elite Brave"  [Can]  14497


(Description and photos provided by owner):

Personality-wise, he is curious and wants to be with people. He has a kind sweet demeanor. Halter trained, good with Farrier and fly spray, working in round pen with his halter. Good with fly mask. He is willing to work and wants to learn. Will be a great ambassador for the Canadian Breed Registry. He is already close to 13hh.


Located at his breeder's Farm in Brown's Valley, Ca.

Come on over and meet his Mom and Dad!


Asking $8,500


Sire: Spirit

Dam: Brave


"Rosalina Lavender RHR"

Congratulations to Holly of Parker, Colorado!

12 year old, 16.1hh, brown/bay, USA Bred,

Registered Zweibrucker (German Warmblood) mare

See the full advertisement HERE