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Proudly and lovingly, USA Bred and Raised by California Canadians:

"California Canadian’s

Endeavour Inferno"

2021 gelding, 14 months old. Already 14hh. Should finish over 15HH. Black, Registered Canadian Horse

Canadian Horse Registration number: [Can] 15102

(Description provided by owners):

Looking for your next forever horse? Inferno will be the one! He's already flashy and athletic. Inferno already knows basic groundwork and is learning to lunge line. He has good manners while walking in halter. He's good with ferriers. He loads like a champ and will back out of a trailer. He has a sweet and affectionate personality with a willingness and ability to learn things quickly. Inferno is well started and can go in any direction!



Approved home only. 


Asking price $10,000

Sire: PenDennis Faquyr Endeavour ("Spirit")
Dam: Golden Gate Xtreme-Elite "Brave"