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  • Clare Long

General Hunter Bridles

(Hunter Bridles): "So while we have Twirl, let's talk about what I just put on his face. Because Twirl is going to be a hunter pony, I put a hunter bridle on him. The hunter bridles are usually brown, pretty much always brown and they usually have pretty stitching on them. Anna, can you see the pretty stitching on the brow and on the noseband? This is a very, very basic hunter bridle. It's nothing fancy shmancy. I love these bridles. They come from Dover Saddlery, they're Dover Saddlery’s version. This is a cob and it barely fits him because he's a pony. It fits him at the very, very, a top, but it's a cob. So it's a smaller horse size. The prices are so amazing. It's between $60 and $80 for this wonderful bridle and it comes with the hunter reins. Hunter reins are braided. That's very typical of the hunter reins. I'll show you when I do my other bridles. When I do my dressage bridle, the reins are different. This bridle comes with the reins, pretty awesome. Quality of the leather, really nice, really good looking, fits everybody great. Somewhere around 80 bucks; you don't have to spend 400 bucks. You don't, you don't, you don't, you don't. You can spend between 60 and 80 bucks and get a fabulous bridle. So this is a hunter bridle because he's going to be a hunter pony." (Parts of the bridle):

"Then with Ms. Anna, we're going to just go through the parts of the bridle. I'm only going to do that once, because they're the same no matter what bridle you're wearing. The bridle, parts of the bridle that every horse person should know about the bridle. The crown piece is the part that goes over the top of their head. So, over the pole, remember we talked about parts of the horse, why we need to know the name pole, the word pole. The crown piece goes over the pole like a crown. This is a browband. Most of you know about the browband, because you can order any browband now. You can get them in mega bling and I mean mega bling, total dazzle your eyes bling or you can just get nice and simple like this with the stitching. You can get any bridle and put a different browband on it. You can order the browbands by themselves and if you have a specific color for your horse or whatever it is, you can order a separate browband and put it on the bridle. So crown piece, browband, this is called the cavesson. With the English bridles, they're usually just the cavessons, just a noseband. Just a noseband, we call it a cavesson. Okay, crown piece, browband, cavesson, if you want to call it a noseband, fine, but it's a cavesson. These are the cheek pieces because they run down his cheek. Remember the parts of the horse? These are the cheek pieces and this is the throat latch. And that's all you guys got to know. It's so easy. It's crown piece, browband, cavesson/noseband, cheek pieces, throat latch. It's a no-brainer. Crownpiece, browband, cavesson/noseband, cheek pieces, and throat latch. Super easy. Western bridles pretty much never have a noseband. Sometimes Western trainers will put a drop noseband on to teach the horse to keep their mouth closed, but pretty much across the board Western bridles do not have nosebands."


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