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  • Clare Long

Adopted! "Mama Janka"

Successfully adopted/placed!

Congratulations and thank you to Theresa!

"Mama Janka":

13 year old, 16hh, bay, Jockey Club Registered, Thoroughbred mare

(Description provided by Janka's current custodians:

Rescue Group S.E.R.R.A-Sonoma Equine, Rescue, Rehab and Adoption)

"Mama Janka"

Super sweet 13 year old, (3/6/2008)

16hh, Dark Bay, Jockey Club Registered, Thoroughbred Mare.

Came off the track 11/12 and had three winning foals.

Herkimer Storm by Storming Fever

Dinaker by Eddington

Zelaia by US Ranger

Mama loves being handled, groomed and hanging out with people as they love on her. She is better having her mind engaged, is eager and wants to learn.

Unflappable with tarps draped over her, walking through pool noodle gates and scary (small) spider jumps.

Mama will need an calm, experienced rider who is willing to be patient and teach her to relax and learn to be an Off the track thoroughbred.

Clare's description of Janka:

​Mama Janka has been with me, at my barn, for about a week.

She is an exceptionally sweet, lovely mare.

She is really nice to hang out with.

Very "Zen" in her relaxed energy.

You off the track Thoroughbred mare enthusiasts will especially appreciate who she is!

Janka is an excellent mover, with 3 very good gaits.

She could definitely be a riding Performance Horse, and could do well in any of the Performance Horse Disciplines:

Dressage, Eventing, Jumpers, Working Equitation, and/or Pleasure or Competitive Trail.

Janka would need to be restarted; by a quiet, patient, experienced handler/rider.

Like most of all off the Track Thoroughbreds, she can "wind up" in her energy level.

However, she has been sensible:

some prancing and fretting, but no explosions, buck, rear, or bolt.

She is very brave and bold around the barn, and not spooky.

Obviously needs to gain weight and muscle.

Has issues with over-bonding to her equine neighbors, this will undoubtably be her new owner's biggest challenge.

She has a healing upper leg wound, which happened at her breeding farm earlier this year.

However, she is totally sound.

No Vices.

Barefoot, with very nice, big, strong feet!

Up to date on everything.

Lots of videos available by request.

Located in Petaluma, Ca.

Adoption Fee: $3,000

(Description and photos provided by past owner)

Mama Janka born March 6, 2008 dark bay

This is her race record:

She has had 3 foals all winners : HERKIMER STORM by Storming Fever , DINAKA by Eddington and ZELAIA by US Ranger.

Mama Janka came off the track 11/12 .

She has always been a brood mare after that.

She is a very sweet mare.

She is healthy.

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