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  • Clare Long

Sparkle Time: Clare's Clarity Blue Nails

(Clarity Blue, Sparkly nails):

"Did you see my nails?

One of the reasons I had Anna come down today is because I did my nails in Clarity Blue.

This is Clarity Blue.

I have not been doing my nails in blue.

I've been very conservative with my nail color.

We've been doing lilac and mauve and lavender, but for some reason, I decided to go do clarity blue and I called Anna and I said, “You got to do a video segment because my fingers are clarity blue, and they might never be clarity blue again.”

So today's all about my clarity blue nails.

I know my nails are ridiculous.

I know it.

I got it.

I'm super conservative.

I'm allowed to show my personality somewhere,

I'm showing it with my clarity blue nails with sparkles."


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