Free, Rescue & Re/home Horses


In just over 45 years, Clare has successfully Sold/Placed/Rescued
horses into wonderful, 'forever' homes!

  Matchmaking between horse and human at its best!


Clare is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, with over 40 years of experience in riding, training, rehabbing, rescuing, and re/homing horses.


  Currently, Clare concentrates and focuses more and more on helping the Rescue groups, and individual owners, find loving homes for their rescue horses in need.  


And for the rescues she works with and helps to place, all her work is performed and offered Pro Bono: Free, without commissions or fees.


Clare says, "My reward is successfully placing Rescues into loving homes where they can be happy and healthy."


  Clare is motivated by her pure, simple, and true love of horses.


Clare's approach towards her training is based upon creating and building boundaries;  while nourishing, encouraging, and celebrating the horse's inherent joy of life. 


She's dedicated to improving the lives of horses worldwide... one horse handler at a time. She believes there are no bad horses... only horse handlers that require guidance and advice.  


Her enormous success comes from her vast experience, total dedication, and profound love of horses.


Western & Pleasure Horses


Dressage & Jumping Horses

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Sold & Successfully Placed Horses



13 year old, 14.2hh, chestnut with flaxen mane,

Quarter Horse/mixed mare

(Description provided by Rescue Group)


Delilah is a beautiful QH/mixed mare, approximately 13 years old with a brown coat and an absolutely beautiful flaxen mane. We don't know much about her history. However, it is apparent that Delilah has been severely abused in her past; her spirit is broken. We are providing her with time, love, patience and necessary nutrition and care and have already seen a difference--every day there is a little bit of progress. She's not dangerous at all--she has a lot of try in her and wants to trust. After a couple of weeks, we were able to take her halter off and on; we are now even able to put a fly mask on her. She leads politely but is very uncertain and one gets the feeling that she's expecting something terrible to happen to her. She is not rideable but if there is someone out there who could put the time, love and commitment we are certain a magical relationship will blossom.


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee

Best Delilah.jpg



23 year old, 14,2hh, liver chestnut, Morgan mare

(Description by owner):

"This is Snippet.  

Totally gentle.  

Great with kids.

14.2hh or so.

23 yrs Morgan.  

Easy keeper and fine barefoot.  

Back troubles make her unable to carry a rider some days.

Good with other horses, but not tough enough for some.  (Passive and sweet!)"

Located in Davis, Ca.


Adoption Fee waived to the perfect home

Best Snippet.jpg

Successfully Placed!


and thank you to Gary of Lewistown, Montana!

"Phase the Music"

13 year old, 16.1hh, bay, Registered Zweibrucker (Hannoverian/Thoroughbred) mare



Please go to The Clarity Horse Blog Facebook Page, for lots of NEW videos of "Phase The Music" Free School at Liberty videos:

Music is sound and healthy.
She is a sweetheart to work with and to handle.
I love her!
She has a soft, friendly, affectionate personality and demeanor.
She is completely comfortable barefoot, with very good feet.
Music is a nice mover, with 3 pretty gaits.
She has had a career as a H/J, at a busy, performance horse barn.
She has been ridden by Adult Amateurs and Juniors.
At the age of 13, she has lots of delightful years left to be your companion/best friend.
Adoption fee currently only $850 to the perfect home.


This is a lovely, sweet, mare!

Music is looking for her new wonderful home as a Mom/Companion/Pasture Pet.

She is a delight to handle: to be around and spend time with.

She has a soft and affectionate personality; loves TLC, and to be doted and kissed on.

Music is very cuddly for a mare.

She is brave and educated on the ground and under saddle/over fences.

She has a nice enough temperament to have been ridden on the flat and over fences by Juniors/Amateurs.

Undetermined issues with her back has interrupted her performance/riding career.

Music is very nicely bred for the Performance Horse world.

She will be an excellent addition to your breeding program.

Music is sound and healthy.

Videos available by request!


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee


Willy is looking for the perfect Companion/Pasture Pet home!


It's time Willy finds a forever home where he can be a pasture buddy or just adored!


"HS Sense of Style" aka "Willy"

12 year old, 16.1hh, chestnut, Registered Saddlebred gelding

(Description and photos provided by Owner)

"Willy is a 12 year old Saddlebred gelding who was shown lightly in the last eight years but has always had hind end issues including suspensory ones. He also has fairly severe neck arthritis, it's time Willy finds a forever home where he could be a pasture buddy or just adored!  

He is trained to drive and with some schooling work he could be used under harness. It's possible that he would be fine physically for some under saddle work but it would take a very experienced rider to handle him, he is extremely forward and isn't safe to be trail ridden alone. He has been successfully ridden on trails with other horses but can "rear" when alone if not wanting to go forward. 

Willy is a light keeper and likes to be in a paddock with a covered area. He hasn't been in a pasture setting with other horses, so that might take some gradual work to make sure it's a safe transition. 

He stands for shoeing but can be fidgety when single tied and also when they are working on his hind legs. He isn't bad to load but can take a few minutes to get in, he doesn't get ugly or kick during loading. Once loaded he gets fidgety when alone if the trailer is stopped for any reason, he hauls fine with other horses. He doesn't kick when in the trailer. 

He is fine to clip and groom, but does get a bit mouthy at times. He has lived with a very dad that has spoiled him and not correctly worked with him at times on the ground, SORRY!

He loves his neck and withers area scratched too! :-)

Located in Petaluma

Adoption Fee Negotiable




16 year old, 15.3hh, grey, Arabian gelding


(Description and photos provided by owner):

16 year old Arabian available only as companion horse to a very good home with pasture.
Rhythm is very healthy, quiet, no vices, playful with other horses, beautiful mover. 

A bit on the shy side but ready to warm up to his person.

He is on lower side of the pecking order and would make a nice companion horse to both mares or gelding.

He has no drama, loves to be groomed. 

Barefoot and sound, easy to trim.

He has a bone bump on the upper nasal bone, does not bother him.  A few years ago he had a similar one on the jaw bone but then it went away.

He has been with me since he was 9 but as I am getting older I need to find him a good home.

In his young age he was a race horse.  I believe that during that time something emotionally traumatic happened to him and he still remembers it.  He cannot be saddle or mounted because he has an expectation that something terrible is going to happen to him that makes him become really tense and anxious.


Adoption fee

Located in Petaluma



Home Needed for Sweet, Gentle Quarter Horse this June!

"Faithful Star"

25 year old, 15hh, bay, Quarter Horse gelding


(Description and Photos provided by Owner):

My childhood horse, Faithful Star, is in need of a home (ideally in the next month!) My parents had to leave Wisconsin, where he was living, due to illness, and now my horse needs a place to live where he will be loved and cared for. He was severely neglected at the last place he was boarded (our two other horses died there), but he has been rescued by a temporary foster home and he is regaining his strength.

I would love to bring him to California where I live so I can be near him, but I don’t have the space to keep a horse. An ideal scenario would be someone living within an hour of Santa Monica (Southern California), who has a horse (or several) and wants a pasture buddy, so that he can be around other horses. Most of all, we want someone who can take good care of him and love him during his last years of life. He loves attention. We want him to have a person who he can bond with and feel loved by. The tricky thing is that he doesn't like to be confined to a stall or paddock, so we're looking for someone with pasture he can roam in (hard to find in SoCal!)

We can pay the cost of his food and medical expenses; we just need to find a home for him where he will be loved. He is 25 years old but in good health now that he's gained back the weight he lost during his neglect. Please contact me directly if you can help, (annalise.hoopes@gmail.com) or share this post if you know of anyone who might want a sweet pasture buddy for their horses. He is very sweet, kind, and social. He loves people and other horses. If you can help us find a good home for him we would be very grateful! 🙏





8 year old, 15.1hh, chestnut Quarter Horse gelding

(Description and photos provided by Rescue group)

Trigger is an 8-year old, chestnut QH gelding standing at 15.1hh. He’s the sweetest guy and so very kind. Unfortunately, he has navicular and cannot be ridden. He loves doing groundwork—obstacles and going for walks. He’s a willing, kind, and fast learner so could possibly enjoy liberty work. He gets along with other horses. Will stand for hours, loves to be groomed and loved on.

Located in Petaluma, Ca.

Adoption Fee $750


"Rosalie" and "Sammy"

18-20 years old, 14,2hh, bay

Arabian mare and chestnut Arabian gelding

(Description and photos Provided by Rescue Group)

Meet Rosalie and Sammy! They are quite the gorgeous Arabian couple! Both about 18-20 years old and have been together for 15 years. They do everything together. Eat, drink, play and rest. We have been told that Rosalie used to be ridden, but not sure about Sammy. They are both sound so they could be accessed and trained for light riding but would probably rather just be beautiful pasture pals. They get along great with humans and other horses/animals. They are really wonderful to watch as they do just about anything. Of course, trotting or loping around the pasture is lovely with their heads and tails held high. We will want their new home to be a pasture environment where they can romp and graze together.

$750 adoption fee for both



Please be aware that I have not met most of the horses that I list on my website.

I am often just the link/conduit between the Seller and the Buyer.

Therefore, the descriptions, photos, and videos I have on the website are provided by the Seller.

I trust that the material I am given is honestly representative of the horse I am advertising.

I do not take responsibility for discrepancies.

Please remember buying horses is always "Buyer Beware"!

If you buy or adopt a horse, please be sure you do your homework, and due diligence.

All the best,


Successfully Placed!
Proudly in training with and offered by:
Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales


Congratulations and thank you to Michelle of Davis, Ca!

Mid teens, 15hh, bay, Quarter Horse/Arabian Cross mare


This is a sweet, lovely, wonderful Rehome/Rescued mare!

Ladybug is a doll!

She is gorgeous to look at; looks like a Breyer Horse come to life.

She is super smart and sensible.

Ladybug tries so hard to be brave, and to make all the right decisions.

She settled right in to the Performance barn, not nervous or skittish at all.

With a lot of gentle handling and patient training, Ladybug could perhaps be a riding horse prospect.

She is 100% sound and healthy.

Otherwise, she will be a precious pasture/companion pet.

Ladybug is ready for her forever person to love, cherish and worship her.

In addition:

This mare is a fantastic mover!

Beautiful, big, floaty trot, super balanced and loverly!

She is also 100% sound, sound, sound!


Video coming soon.


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Successfully Placed!


Congratulations and thank you to Robyn of Fort Bragg, Ca!

12 year old,  16.3hh, bay,

half Clydesdale/half Thoroughbred gelding


This is a sweet, sweet, wonderful boy!

Someone is going to be super lucky to have him!

Jeremy has a delightful, "Saint Bernard" type of personality.

He has an absolutely dreamy temperament.

Definitely friendly and gregarious, but not pushy.

He loves to work, and takes it seriously.

He is naturally forward and sensitive.

Jeremy is coming from the Dressage and Jumpers world.

However he has been hanging out in pasture for about 9 months, so, as you can see, has lost a bit of his figure.

Nevertheless, he is sound and healthy, and ready to start gradually building his body back up again.

Jeremy is experienced around the barn, and is nice to handle.

Loves to be groomed and "loved on".

He has gone blind in the right eye, and is learning to re/work his way of going with his new perspective.

With his adjusted "muscle memory", he shouldn't have issues with his sight change.


Jeremy is currently barefoot, but will need/appreciate front shoes.


Owner took fantastic care of Jeremy; did an amazing job with him and loves him, but could no longer keep him.


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee



Mini Donkeys

2 very sweet male (not gelded)

Mini donkeys are available for adoption.


They are 7 years old, healthy and UTD on everything.


They are very bonded and the owner would like to rehome them together if possible.


She unfortunately can no longer keep them.


They are located in West Petaluma. 

Best Mini Donkeys2.jpg
Best Mini Donkeys.jpg



Congratulations to Ashley of Rancho Cordova, Ca!

14 year old, 16.1hh, bay, Imported and Registered German Warmblood mare

Registration number:

DE 481 810157807

This is a marvelous mare!

All the best qualities and attributes of a splendidly bred German Warmblood!

Someone is going to be super lucky to have her!

She is sweet and easy to handle on the ground and around the barn.

The injured leg looks great!

No heat and no swelling.

No noticeable/visual lameness in the walk or trot.

After her Rehab is complete, she should be a dream of a flatwork/trail horse.

Plenty of years left, to be your best friend.


(Wording from Rescue Group):

"Quin is a 14-year old Warmblood (German Sporthorse and shipped here from Germany) mare standing at 16.3hh (registered with USEF).  She is recovering from a left front SDFT tear (on 3/1/22).  She is currently being rehabbed with handwalking and using a Eurosizer 2 times a day.  She has always been in a training program her whole adult life and used to being in a stall (with paddock).    She has been ridden by advanced young children (and adults too I believe).  Recommending no jumping in her future but would be a great trail or arena horse."


Offered at an adoption fee because of her current Rehab status


Located in Petaluma, Ca.