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About Clare

Clare is a born horse lover and is motivated by the pure, simple, and true love of horses.

As an avid rider since the age of 9, beginning with Pony Club and progressing into an FEI level rider, by 14 she was already training, teaching, competing, and selling horses for commission. She has been in the business for over 45 years, and has spent that time gaining invaluable insight and experience. Above all, Clare is dedicated to improving the lives of horses worldwide, one handler at a time. With numerous accolades of her own, including a USDF Silver and Bronze medal, she has honed and perfected her training technique through hard work, passion, and dedication. 


Clare’s approach towards her training is based upon creating and building boundaries while nourishing, encouraging, and celebrating the horse’s inherent joy of life. She believes that she can help set you and your horse up for success rather than failure, and believes there’s no such thing as a bad horse: simply horse handlers that would benefit from honest guidance and advice. 


To that end, Clare has set out to compile an exceptional library of tips and techniques to help you and your horse on your journey to living a wonderfully productive and positive life, together. 


Within these pages, you’ll find the information that Clare freely shares under “The Clarity Horse Blog” and “Products I Recommend and Why” with a series of videos and content, as well as highlights of the sale and rescue horses she's working with at the time. 


Read below for more about Clare and her history with horses, and please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page with any questions, requests, or comments. 

Clare has specialized in many breeds, including: Friesan, Andalusian, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Canadien Horse, and most of the Warmbloods, including the Germans (especially Holsteiners, Hannoverians, Trakhener, and Oldenburgs), Swedish Warmblood and Dutch Warmblood. 


She has also worked with the Rhineland, Hessen, Saddlebred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Morgan, Mustang, Lucitano, Azteca, Appaloosa, Rocky Mountains, Selle Francais, Marchador, Tennessee Walker, etc. 


She is honored and excited to have numerous horses for sale. Please see Clare’s sale horse pages for details, photos, and videos of all of these wonderful individuals. 



Clare’s achievements are numerous and will be summarized here. 


  • Awarded the USDF Silver Medal

  • Awarded the USDF Bronze Medal

  • CDS Qualified Rider Award

  • USDF Qualified Rider Award

  • Numerous High Point Awards

  • Countless Wins at Training Level through Prix St. Georges

  • Many Horse of the Year Awards

  • First in the Nation with USDF All Breed Awards at Training, 1st, 2nd and 4th level on various horses



1989 - 1999 : Head Dressage Trainer, Rancho Marin Equestrian

Center (Until it closed) 

2001 - 2008 : Trained out of Liberty Valley Equestrian Center, Flying

Cloud Farm, LaVigna Rand

2009 : Primo Cavallo Equestrian Center

2010 - 2011 : Willowbrook Stables, followed by Stable Acres and

various other barns in Petaluma and Sonoma

2014 - 2017 : Managed, instructed, and trained out of Strong

Stables - Home of Clarity Performance Horse Training Center (Westside Petaluma in Norther California)

Currently : Training out of Equus Springs, Eastside Petaluma 



Both Lilo Fore and Angela Littlefield have been paramount in Clare’s dressage education. She rode with Lilo for 20 years, and began with Angela when she was only 12 years old, and was Angela’s number one working student.


Clare has also ridden with Eicke van Veltheim, Cherry Baumann, David Collins, Dennis Callin, J.P. Giacomini, Jennifer Roth, Jill Canter, Rachel Saavadara, Wolfgang De Llefont and Bonnie O’Brian, among others.


For her Reining Training and influences, Clare originally worked with Ruth Van Sweden of New Mexico.


She also schooled for a short time with Ollie Galligan.

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