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  • Clare Long

Auto Waterer

This is the auto waterer I recommend for all my horses!

Question submitted to Clare: January 2020

Hi Clare - C******** - where I have my horse - is having a terrible time with the

automatic watering bowls in the horses’ stalls. They have older, metal models and the parts are wearing out. When they replace them with new plastic parts, they fail very soon and the new models are plastic and last about a week. They get them from R********…. I looked online and there are many choices. I recommended they try another manufacturer’s product. They do not want the small type that kind of fits the horse’s nose, but the larger one where you push on the back panel for water. They pay about $35 for the ones they have. And yes - if they paid a bit more they would do better but I am not running their budget. Question - which type waters do you use and are you satisfied with them? Enjoy your day and thanks for any info you can give !


Clare's Answer:

Hi Carolyn,

thank you for asking!

I very much dislike/detest the small auto waters.

I don't think the horse ever gets to drink their fill.

And the one's where the horse has to push for the water to come out: terrible!

I don't think a horse should have to "work" for their water!

I think those waters do not encourage a horse to drink, which is the most important thing for a horses well being, don't you agree?

I always use the deep, plastic, auto fill/float waterers.

If they are not offered by whatever barn that I am at, I will buy one myself,

and have the barn's guys install them.

Our barn owner uses them too.

However, she thinks that the ones at Rivertown tend to break easily, and not last.

Also, they do not come in black.

She uses the ones from Martin Ranch Supply, Rohnert Park, Ca.

They are black, and very durable and reliable and long lasting.

I think she pays somewhere around $45 per waterer.

I highly recommend them!

All the best, Clare

Carolyn's Reply!


I will have one by tomorrow ! Fingers crossed the barn will want to replace their old ones….Martin Supply said they have never had any issues with this waterer.

Again HUGE thanks Clare ! Carolyn


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