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  • Clare Long


It's winter! Time for blankets.

The blanket I recommend is:

I really like the 'tried and true' Schneiders. They can be found on line at:

And here are the reasons:

1. The Schneiders are excellent quality, for a fantastic price.

2. They are water proof, and last forever.

3. They do not shift on the horse (one of my major 'pet peeves').

4. They do not rub (another major pet peeve).

5. The large shoulder gusset allows the shoulder complete freedom.

6. These blankets are fully waterproof, meaning:

your horse can stand in the torrential rain for days, and it will still not leak.

7. They are very breathable as well.

8. And, of course, last but certainly not least, these blankets are about a third of the price of their lesser quality counterparts!

Why pay more, for less?

9. Schneiders carries blankets for horses of any size:

Mini, Pony, Horse, Warmblood and Draft!

***Helpful Hint***

Never buy a blanket without properly placed, proper size shoulder gussets.

Some companies put them on their blanket, but they don't actually work.

Over the last 40 years, my clients and myself must have tried every

darned blanket on the market.

We have tried very expensive to very inexpensive, and everything in between.

In my opinion, the best blanket, by far, for fit,

price and quality, is the Schneider's.

In actuality, in my experience, these blankets are far better in every way

than their much more expensive counterparts.

Much better in fit, quality and price than:

Riders International, WeatherBeeta, Upland, Rambo Horseware Ireland, etc.

So evidently, in the case of blankets, more expensive is not better!

And of the Schneiders blankets, I think these are the best for waterproof and outdoor warmth:

Euro Fit Stormshield 1200 Denier or 1680 Denier Deluxe or Classic Turnout NOT Dura Tech, it's much lesser quality

For a medium weight water proof blanket (Obviously color of your choice). Have fun!

And this for a waterproof turn out sheet:

For the vertically challenged horses aka Ponies, "The Junior Blanket":

My favorite blanket does not come small enough for Ponies.

The smallest size they offer is 66.

Therefore, for any size under 66, I recommend:

It is listed under the category "Junior Blankets."

It only comes in Navy.

For your Mini Horse:

And for your Oversized/Draft: "The Big Fella":




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