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  • Clare Long

Do you really want your horse to be “Broken”?...

(From Clare's article archives:) Don't you think it is time to change that word? The connotations to the word 'broke' are unacceptable. Why would you want to 'break' your horse? Wouldn't you rather train him? Or develop her? How about educate? Or 'work with'? In Australia, they say "gentling". I'm certain you don't 'break' your dog when she's being trained. Or pick your dog up from the trainer, expecting him to be 'well broke'. I'm positive you don't break your child, or send her to school to be 'broken'. Why is your horse any different? In the olden days, most horses in the USA were broken when they were trained. "Bucked out", made to be submissive, dominated. Thank goodness for the introduction of 'Natural Horsemanship' in America. Thank you Pat Parelli, John Lyons, and Ray Hunt. So,,,lets continue that idea, and use it in our wording, in regard to training horses, particularly youngsters. I vote to abolish that archaic word. Please join me in replacing it, in our every day discussions about our 4 legged, neighing best friends and companions. I hope you enjoy working with your youngster today. And please give him a pat for me as well, after a good training session.


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