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  • Clare Long

Fly Masks

UPDATE (as of 11/14/2021):

This is one of my new favorite fly masks.

It actually fits as well as the Super Masks, is even more durable, is super comfortable for your horse, and is less expensive.


I highly recommend you try one.

  • Superior quality construction keeps face free from pests

  • Eye darts to keep eyes safe with extra reinforcement for durability

  • Comfortable protection for your horse

  • Decreased attraction of debris with fleece trim

  • Equine fly mask to protect from flies and other biting insects. Fleece edges provide a comfortable fit and double locking fastener hidden under the jaw. Available in 6 sizes: Foal/Pony, Yearling, Arabian, Horse, X-Large and XX-Large/Draft.

Alternative Fly Mask:

The fly mask I recommend is the: Super Mask 2 by Farnam (WITHOUT EARS!)

You should be able to pick one up at ANY feed or tack store.

They fit every size, from Mini to Draft.

I definitely prefer the mask

without ears and nose cover.

The horses are much more comfortable in the Classic version, and they stay much cooler.

***And here are the reasons:***

1. The horses stay cooler in these masks.

2. They are more comfortable.

3. They are more durable.

4. They fit better, no matter what the size or shape of the horse's head.

5. They do a great job protecting the horse's eyes from dust.

6. They do a great job protecting the horse's eyes and eye

area from the sun and from sunburn.

7. They are inexpensive.

Product Description

  • Keeps flies, dust, dirt and debris away from your horse’s eyes

  • Protects your horse’s face and eyes from harmful UV rays

  • See-through mesh won’t obstruct your horse’s vision

  • Aids healing after eye injuries

  • Available with or without ears

SuperMask® II Horse Fly Masks Built to Fit, Built to Last, Built to Stay On!®

BUILT TO FIT Designed and tailored to provide maximum comfort as it ensures clear, unobstructed vision. The soft plush trim follows the unique contours of your horse’s face to gently seal flies out. There’s a size to fit almost any horse—even minis!

BUILT TO LAST Made of rugged, sturdy mesh, the SuperMask® II Horse Fly Mask provides your horse with exceptionally durable fly mask protection.

BUILT TO STAY ON The SuperMask® II Horse Fly Mask features a double-latch closure stablemates can’t rip off. It fastens twice for double security. The double-latch closure is positioned under the jaw, making it harder for other horse’s to reach and pull off.


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