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  • Clare Long

Western Cinch

The Western cinch I recommend is the:

I wish every western rider and saddle used one. We would have many more happy horses out there!

***And here are the reasons***

1. This cinch is very well made and durable.

2. It is very comfortable for the horse.

3. Love the fleece.

4. Love the elastic on both sides.

5. It does not shift while you ride.

6. Looks great!

7. The roller buckles are wonderful for cinching up.

8. It is inexpensive.

Product Description

The Toklat Coolback Western Straight Cinch with Roller Buckles will stop cinch galling in its tracks.

Toklat’s Coolback fleece and unique elastic expansion cinches guarantee your horse comfort at all times. Double elastic provides freedom for rib cage expansion, allowing your horse to take full deep breaths during your ride without feeling constricted or confined, even when you're cinched up tight!

Key Features:

  • Absorbent Orhtopedic Polyester Coolback® Fleece

  • Heavy-Duty, Color-Fast Nylon Webbing

  • Flexible Elastic on Both Ends

  • Rust-Resistant Nickel-Plated Roller Buckle On One Side

  • Center D-Rings for Breastplate & Rear Cinch Attachments

Please Note: To prevent rubbing of the buckles against your horse's skin, this CoolBack® girth features an additional length of fleece backing that extends the entire length of the girth an additional 2 inches.



Coolback® Fleece is without exception the finest 100% polyester fleece fabric on the market. It contains a special combination of resilient polyester fiber and denier to provide the best in protection, durability, and easy care. Coolback products are versatile for all riding disciplines, provide excellent cushioning, won't mat or slip, and offer the finest in value and performance.

  • Protection -3/4" fleece fibers provide comfort and protection for your horse.

  • Absorbent - Absorbs and wicks away moisture, keeping your horse moist but not wet.

  • Breathes - Fleece is very porous which allows for continuous air circulation and release of moisture during use.

  • Does Not Slip - Has minute “barbs” that grip to the hair to keep the saddle from slipping.

  • Tough - Natural resiliency reduces wear and provides years of soft, cushioned protection for your horse.

  • Looks Great - The unique structure of the fibers resists dirt penetration and the colors add a splash of fun to any tack!

  • All Toklat Coolback® pads are dyed in the USA, using ecologically sound methods and materials.


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