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Sold & Successfully Placed Horses

In just over 45 years, Clare has successfully Sold/Placed/Rescued
horses into wonderful, 'forever' homes!

  Matchmaking between horse and human at its best!


Clare is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, with over 40 years of experience in riding, training, rehabbing, rescuing, and re/homing horses.


  Currently, Clare concentrates and focuses more and more on helping the Rescue groups, and individual owners, find loving homes for their rescue horses in need.  


And for the rescues she works with and helps to place, all her work is performed and offered Pro Bono: Free, without commissions or fees.


Clare says, "My reward is successfully placing Rescues into loving homes where they can be happy and healthy."


  Clare is motivated by her pure, simple, and true love of horses.


Clare's approach towards her training is based upon creating and building boundaries;  while nourishing, encouraging, and celebrating the horse's inherent joy of life. 


She's dedicated to improving the lives of horses worldwide... one horse handler at a time. She believes there are no bad horses... only horse handlers that require guidance and advice.  


Her enormous success comes from her vast experience, total dedication, and profound love of horses.



20 year old, 15.2hh, Sorrel, Quarter Horse gelding

(Descriptions and photos provided by Rescue Group):


He is a 20-year-old QH gelding standing at 15.2hh and sorrel in color.  Baldy has been a ranch horse all his life—has done roping and sorting—all around ranch horse.  Given his age he’s ready for light trail riding or easy pleasure horse.  Very sweet and gentle personality.  He and Ginger have been together for about 10 years and it would be wonderful to rehome them together; but would consider separate adoptions.  Baldy is UTD on everything, stands for farrier, vet and grooming.


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee




22 year old, 15hh, bay, Quarter Horse mare

She is a 22-year old QH mare and bay in color.  Ginger has also been a ranch horse with lots of experience sorting cattle.  She would be better suited these days for gentle trail rides.  She has slight navicular but we have added corrective front shoes and she does very well.  She’s a very sweet mare and easy to handle.  UTD on everything and stands for farrier, vet and grooming. 


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee




26 years young, 14.2hh, Chestnut,

Arabian mare


(Description and Photos provided by Rescue Group):

“Allie“, an Arabian mare who is 26 years young and healthy and sound. She is so very sweet, easy to handle, loves to be groomed and gets along great with other horses. She would be great for short and easy rides.  


Videos coming soon.


Adoption Fee


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Max:   17 year old, bay, Arabian/Quarter Horse gelding


(Description and photos provided by Rescue Group):

 An "adorable" 17-year old Arabian/QH gelding.  He has pinto markings and a beautiful long mane and tail.  Sadly, he was severely abused in his early life (he was used as a "dancing horse" in a circus) but has a come a long way and is a wonderful and loving boy.  Part of his abuse was that he was beaten until a few of his left teeth were knocked out, but he eats just fine without quidding.  He's a bit head shy so you have to go slowly with halters and fly masks.  He is rideable but will take an intermediate to advanced rider.  He has excellent ground manners, stands well for the farrier, trailers and ties just fine, no food aggression (he shares his lunch with his best friend Misty).  He is a sweetheart and would love to have a forever loving home. (Max is very bonded to Misty if someone wanted to take on these 2 beauties.)


Misty:  18 year old, 15.1hh, grey Arabian mare


A gorgeous White "Flea Bitten" 18-year old Arabian mare, standing at 15.1hh.  She has lived most of her life as a 4-H horse, however, once her usefulness was over, she was then left to pasture, received no veterinary care and starved.  A wonderful woman learned about Misty and that she was going to be euthanized so she rescued her (at that time Misty's body score was a "2").  She spent 3 years rehabilitating her.  Misty is a true beauty inside and out with a great temperament, she is an "in your pocket" kind of horse and an easy keeper, social, stands for the farrier and vet with great ground manners.  She is rideable and would be suitable for a beginner or intermediate rider doing trail or arena work.  (Misty is very bonded to Max if someone wanted to take on these 2 beauties.)


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee




13 year old, 14.2hh, Liver Chestnut with a beautiful flaxen mane,

Quarter Horse/mixed mare

(Description provided by Rescue Group)


Delilah is a beautiful QH/mixed mare, approximately 13 years old with a brown coat and an absolutely beautiful flaxen mane. We don't know much about her history. However, it is apparent that Delilah has been severely abused in her past; her spirit is broken. We are providing her with time, love, patience and necessary nutrition and care and have already seen a difference--every day there is a little bit of progress. She's not dangerous at all--she has a lot of try in her and wants to trust. After a couple of weeks, we were able to take her halter off and on; we are now even able to put a fly mask on her. She leads politely but is very uncertain and one gets the feeling that she's expecting something terrible to happen to her. She is not rideable but if there is someone out there who could put the time, love and commitment we are certain a magical relationship will blossom.


Located in Petaluma, Ca.


Adoption Fee

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Adoption Fee will be waived to the perfect person and home!

"HS Sense of Style" aka "Willy":

13 year old, 16hh, chestnut, Registered Saddlebred gelding

(Description and photos provided by owner):
Willy is a 13 year old Saddlebred gelding who was shown lightly in the last eight years but now has some physical issues and is currently rehabbing, it's very possible after this period he could be used for light riding or has a companion horse.

He would need an experienced rider and is fairly forward, if ridden outside of the arena he is best ridden with other horses. Willy does also drive and with some refresher courses that could be a good fit for him. Willy is a very light keeper and likes to be in a paddock with a covered area.


Located in Woodacre, CA


Please be aware that I have not met most of the horses that I list on my website.

I am often just the link/conduit between the Seller and the Buyer.

Therefore, the descriptions, photos, and videos I have on the website are provided by the Seller.

I trust that the material I am given is honestly representative of the horse I am advertising.

I do not take responsibility for discrepancies.

Please remember buying horses is always "Buyer Beware"!

If you buy or adopt a horse, please be sure you do your homework, and due diligence.

All the best,


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