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"Helpful Hints to Having a Happy and Healthy Horse"
Written by Clare Long

Ebook/Video Series written and demonstrated

by Clare Long & her wonderful (and beautiful) equine partners

From Clare:

This book is written from my heart, and the 45 years of experience, utter joy, unbelievable satisfaction, and countless hours of my own, personal (and literal!) 'blood, sweat and tears.'

Huge amounts of 'blood, sweat and tears' ! 

But... the final result is what I offer you in my book & videos:

an enormous body of information and insight, and 'pearls of wisdom' for...

"Helpful Hints to Having a Happy and Healthy Horse."

The concept for this book came about because of my observations of the

participants and players in the equestrian fields. 


I realized...many people don't have the fundamental ideas or knowledge

on basic horse care and treatment.  

In past years, these would usually have been developed and learned in Pony Club. many of you horse people attended Pony Club as children?  

And trainers and instructors these days are mostly focused on competition and riding.

Many barns will not even allow the owner to prepare or care for the horse. 

The trainers are paid, by the client, to have their grooms do

ALL the 'behind the scenes' work with the horse.   

In fact, many riders and owners these days get out of their cars, and onto the horse,

which has been prepared and is at that moment being held at the mounting block,

waiting for their rider to mount. would the average equestrian learn how to properly blanket a horse,

how to properly groom them, or saddle and bridle them,

or properly cool them out at the end of their ride,

and properly shower or bathe their horse? 


Not only are these concepts important for the horse,

but it takes tremendous amounts of time and practice to develop proper technique 

and knowledge about safety and comfort for your horse. 


And what of the average adult amateur, who comes to the sport in their later years?

How do they learn the fundamentals of basic horse care?  

Or the junior rider, who is just embarking on their equestrian journey?

Even those of us that are quite experienced, with many, many miles

of horse experience under our belts: isn't there always more information to absorb?  

New concepts, ideas, techniques to learn and 'try on for size'?     


This book is broken into easy to read and comprehend chapters,

each dealing with a specific idea or task.

Some examples are:

proper technique for bathing or showering


tacking up and untacking

use of a stud chain




In addition, I include basic, under saddle, suppling concepts and exercises,

knowledge about graining, care of older horses, teeth care,

leading techniques, proper wrapping and application of leg protection,

tack, performance horse breeds, and safety, for both horse and rider,

in every element of the equestrian experience. 


In addition to the written word and photos to illustrate the ideas,

I have included videos to go along with the chapters;

so you can see, physically, how to apply each of these subjects

I am discussing in each of the chapters.


So...I invite you to sit back, relax, and 'enjoy the ride' through

the book and the adjoining and supporting videos.

  One final word... please be kind to your horse, be compassionate and caring.

In training: positive reinforcement, not negative;

consistent, firm and assertive, not passive or aggressive.  

If you love, and are good to your horse, your horse will love, and be good to you.

And remember...that there are no bad horses...

only horse handlers that need guidance and advice.

Misson Statement


"Helpful Hints to Having a Happy and Healthy Horse"

An in-depth text

This E-Book will include:

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