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Clarity Performance Horse Sales & Rescue Program

In just over 45 years, CPHS has successfully sold/placed countless horses into wonderful 'forever' homes!

Currently, Clare concentrates and focuses more and more on helping the Rescue groups, and individual owners, find loving homes for their rescue horses in need.  

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About Clare

Clare is a born horse lover...and is motivated by that simple, true and honest love of horses.

She is dedicated to improving the lives of horses horse handler at a time.

Clare's approach towards her training is based upon creating and building boundaries;  while nourishing, encouraging and celebrating the

horse's inherent joy of life.

She has...among her many accomplishments...been awarded her USDF Silver and Bronze Medals, and has competed successfully through Prix St. Georges.


Clare specializes in helping you to understand how to take care of and to work with your horse properly, safely and the most comfortable, enjoyable, and least stressful manner for yourself and your equine partner.


She brings to the table 45

years of equine experience 


Gained from:

Pony Club & Eventing, Jumpers, Dressage,

ground driving and Reining.

Specializing in:

Starting youngsters, Problem solving, working with 'difficult' individuals,  Friesians, Warmbloods, Arabians, Lucitanos and Andalusians, Adult Amateurs and Juniors, Dressage (Competition, Instruction & Training through Grand Prix), and Basic Training.


Clare has extensive knowledge of just

about "Anything Equine"

Ranging from:

Halter training a foal to first 'backing' a Thoroughbred, Training through Grand Prix Dressage, Handling difficult horses, trailer loading


Sales, Purchasing, Nutrition & Supplements, Equipment & Tack, Saddle Fit & Bits, Retirement, Arena Footing, Managing a barn, Help with Diagnosing & Treating lameness and Soundness Issues, Habits (good and bad), Proper Wrapping, Breeds, and Referrals to local Vets, Farriers, Trainers and Bodyworkers

An introduction to Clare's exciting new project!
"Helpful Hints to Having a
Happy and Healthy Horse"

Check out more video content available on
"The Clarity Horse Blog" Youtube Channel 

Clare's Foundational Philosophies, Beliefs, and Approaches

The Clarity



"Helpful Hints to Having a Happy and Healthy Horse"

Products I Recommend and Why

What Would a Kindergarten Teacher do?

Do you remember your favorite kindergarten teacher?

The one you loved the most and still remember 40 years later?

That is how it should be when training your horse.


"I know that I am always telling you how much I appreciate you but, you are, truly, such a gift to all of us and to the horses. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, your patience, your kindness, your friendship, your training, etc etc…"

—  Whitney | September 2014

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

 ― Mahatma Gandhi

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