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  • Clare Long

Bedding for Bedrooms

On the topic of bedding: it's so hard for me to see horses that don't have bedding. I know a lot of the mare motels (the portable barns that people set up sometimes) will just put mats down.

But horses love to curl up in their shavings. They do, I'm sorry. I know it's considered a luxury, but horses want to curl up in their shavings. They don't want to lay on mats without shavings. So, if you can please give your horse some sort of a shaving for them to sleep in, even just a little tiny area so that when they lay down they can curl up, that would be fabulous.

They also like to pee in their shavings, otherwise, the pee splashes up on their legs and they don't like it. So if you give them shavings, it gives them a place to pee and they're much happier.

Obviously none of this has to do with horses living in pasture. If horses are living in a pasture, then they're laying out in the sand and the dirt and the grass, and that's absolutely wonderful. I'm discussing horses more in a performance horse type of environment.



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