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  • Clare Long

Leading Techniques: Bucking, or cow kicking

(From Clare's article archives, Circa 2010-2015)

I think it's a bit easier to control a horse from the ground if they are bucking, then if they are rearing. It's perfectly O.K. to correct your horse with 'snaps' of the lead, and verbally, if they are bucking.

***Helpful Hint***

Be very careful if a horse tries to turn their hind end in and

cow kick at you when they are being led.

If your horse tries to kick inward at you, collect them towards you at their face and send their hind end away with the end of the lead rope, or a whip if you have one in your hand.

Be especially careful of a cow kick when a horse comes down from a rear!

Case in Point:

I had a thoroughbred mare in training who was especially good at this trick.

She could walk around on her hind legs, then come down and

immediately cow kick in towards me.

It took all of my skill and experience to: allow with the rope as the mare went up in the air, then control the rope while she was up to prevent her from getting a foreleg over the rope, then collect the rope up quickly to get control of her when she came down, and lastly, to be able to dodge her back feet kicking at me at that moment and send them away.

***Helpful Hint***

Keeping your horses face close to you, while sending the hind end away,

is the best way to get control of this difficult situation.

***Helpful Hint***

It's best, if possible, to let an experienced Professional

deal with this sort of bad behavior.

Again, If you find yourself in dangerous situation, sometimes it's better to let the horse go, rather then to get yourself hurt.

Usually, your horse will just go to the nearest horse or patch of grass, and stop, and let you catch them.


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