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  • Clare Long

Different English Rein Styles


"This dressage bridle comes with my favorite dressage reins. These are canvas and I love them. I love that there are stoppers, so you know if your reins are even, because you know you on both reins, you're on the second keeper, you're on the second stopper. I much prefer these to the braided reins. I much, much prefer the dressage reins. Now, you can get these, these ones are canvas, these are canvas, leather, you can get them in leather. These are also dressage reins. You see how these are leather with the little keepers, these are canvas with the little keepers? You can also get ones that are rubber mostly for cross country, for when you know your horse is going to get wet. They have rubber ones. I don't use the rubber ones because I am not riding cross country. But you can see for Dom's bridle, he has the leather ones. It's up to you. Do you prefer to carry the canvas, or do you prefer to carry the leather? I like the canvas because it's stickier. You can really lock into it better."


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