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  • Clare Long

'Dipper' Starring "Weltprinz"

(From the archives: Clarity Dressage original YouTube Channel: Posted 7/14/2015)

About "Weltprinz" : 13 year old, 16.2hh, bay,

Hessen (German Warmblood) gelding

Wording from video:

This is what I call a Dipper, or a Dunker.

So... he takes a bite of grain, (um-hum, nothing's happening...normally he doesn't keep his head in his grain bucket that long...) and then he dunks it, 3 times, and then he goes back, and adds another bite.

Swoosh and repeat.

Takes another bite (of course, because I am talking, he's doing it differently than he normally does), 3 little gulps.

Takes another bite, rinses it out, and so on, and so forth.

He does the same with his hay. He grabs his hay, he throws the flake in the water, and then he eats the hay out of the water.

100% water intensive.

I have had other horses at other barns that do this as well, but if you don't give them an actual bin of water, like I have, they fill their auto troughs up, or their water buckets up, and then they don't have any water to drink, because the water is full of hay and/or grain, and then they are in trouble because they don't have any water (to drink).

So, what we've done is, we put the hay and the grain next to the water, so he can utilize this water bin, (correct?), and then, in addition, he has his auto water on the wall, and then, just in case, I also give him a blue water bucket.

So that, stays full of fresh water, this one stays full of fresh water, and this one is for his dipping convenience.

So, this one I have to empty every day, because it is full of hay and grain from him dipping.

I empty and fill it once a day.

Anyway, interesting...

I call this a Dipper, or a Dunker.


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