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  • Clare Long

Dressage Girth

I love these girths. Any girth you use has to have elastic on at least one side. If it has elastic on both sides it's even better. This is my favorite dressage girth. You don't have to get this particular girth, but this is my favorite. This is made by Otto Schumacker. You can get them at Dressage Extensions or Dover Saddlery. Now, like the pad, it is more expensive. This is an expensive girth. But they last forever and they're worth it. If you can get the Otto Schumaker Dressage Girth that would be optimum.

Product Description:

Otto Schumaker Dressage Girth

This top-of-the-line Otto Schumacher Dressage Girth is designed to increase your horse’s comfort and performance. Crafted of the finest quality leather, it has subtle contours to avoid your horse’s elbows and allow maximum freedom of movement. Well-padded, yet thin, it is slightly wider in the center to ensure stability and optimal pressure distribution. Elastic at both ends and roller buckles allow ease of use.

Made in Germany.



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