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  • Clare Long

Stirrup Keeper

This wonderful strap: you can get them from Dover and they're really quite fabulous. They're under $10. And they keep the stirrups from coming down when you're free schooling or lunging. It's annoying to me when the stirrups come down and flap and bounce, and this very simple strap attaches to the stirrups on either side and keeps the stirrups from coming down. So, well worth the money. This is actually one of my favorite things. I call it a doo dad. It's like $8.95 from Dover.

Product Description:

Dover Saddlery Stirrup Keeper

Keep your irons in the "run up" position with the Dover Saddlery® Stirrup Keeper. This handy strap sits across the seat of the saddle and hooks to stirrup irons to prevent them from flapping and dropping. Made of 1" wide flat cotton webbing.



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