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  • Clare Long

No Box Stalls!

I'm a real stickler about horses in box stalls. I do not want horses in box stalls, period.

They should have an outdoor space, any outdoor space: even if it's a 10x10 space.

12 x 24 is sort of standard for their paddocks.

Even if they're getting turned out all day long, for 8 hours, they're still in the box stall at least 16 hours a day.

I feel strongly that every horse wants to be able to go outside. They want the option of standing in their bedroom or standing in their paddock. And if you watch horses, often they want to stay outside in their paddocks.

That's a pretty important part of my philosophy: Not putting horses into box stalls. Giving them at least some sort of a space to go outside. Doesn't have to be an enormous space, but some sort of a space.



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