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  • Clare Long

On Western Bridles, Specifically

(Western Bridles): "You can get a lot of different types of Western bridles. I like this one. This is my go-to for a Western bridle. I have the baby horse full cheek on it. I start a lot of horses in this bridle. You can pick and choose what you want it to look like. I like the Western bridles that have the little doodads on the forehead. I think it looks pretty. I really like it. Usually, they have a little tip of silver. I love that. I love the conchos. You can go with whatever concho you want. I bought these conchos separately and put them on this bridle. Brown, you can go with as much bling as you like. I don't like the look of the split ear. I like this type of bridle for horse. If you like the look of the split ear, fine. No noseband. See what I mean? Very rarely do you have a Western bridle with a noseband. I don't know that any of them come with nosebands. I think that's considered a training device for the Western people." (Different fasteners: Buckles vs Screws): "I’d really recommend you go with buckles. These days, people are going with Chicago screws. Okay, I get it but sometimes they unscrew and you end up with your bridle falling apart. Also, when you put your bridle together, you have to have a screwdriver and anytime you adjust it, you have to have a screwdriver. You can't just adjust it. Kind of a pain in the [watoozy 40:21]. Then the newest thing that they've come up with are just thin little leather pieces, and you just tie a knot. That makes me really nervous. What if the knot comes out? Or what if I want to take the knot out? Is it then stuck closed because it's leather? I like buckles. Buckles are great. Buckles are fabulous. They're easy. They're great-looking. It's really easy to adjust the bridle. It's really easy to change the bit over. I love buckles. You have to search a little bit for a Western bridle that has buckles, but they're out there, I promise. I promise they're out there."

(A super easy Western Bridle): "This is really awesome. You can buy these from the Western tack stores and they're fabulous. Look, it just snapped right on. They're so awesome. I consider this a Western piece of tack. If you're going to be using the same bridle on a bunch of different horses or you're trying out bits for the same horse or whatever it is, it's so great. They've got a snap."


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