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  • Clare Long

Proper Bridle Throat Latch Fit

(Throat latch fit):

"Four fingers.

Four fingers for a dressage bridle.

Because the horse, when it rounds off and flexes, the throat latch fills up, the throat latch on the horse fills up.

You do not want the throat latch on the bridle to feel restrictive and tight.

You don't want anything to discourage a horse from wanting to round off and go on the bit. That's going to be very loose and it's just going to dangle and it's totally fine if it just dangles. There's not a lot of use for these anyway.

But for a dressage bridle, four fingers please, loose.

The Western and the English people go much snugger.

The Western people usually go there.

The English people usually go there.

I don't care what style of riding it is, I like them loose for when you round them off."


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