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  • Clare Long

The difference between the Rabicano and the Bay Roan color

(From Clare's article archives, Circa 2010-2015)

Featuring 2 of Clare's wonderful horses in training:

Essie and Candy



I'm going to talk about the difference between the Bay Roan and the Rabicano color, because we have 2 mares here that actually live next to each other, that are those colors, so it is a great opportunity for me to show you the difference between them.

Candy is considered a typical bay Roan, she is a Quarter Horse.

Essie is an Arabian mare considered a Rabicano.

Essie: You can see, that she looks like a bay roan, but see the striping on the barrel, and then the Roaning throughout.

Her tail is called a skunk tail, with the black line going down the middle of her tail.

That is also very indicative of what they are calling a Rabicano.

Candy: You can see how the Roaning is on top of the bay color, but no striping on her sides, the white is more uniformly throughout her coat, and her tail is solid black.



"Brown vs Bay"


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