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  • Clare Long

"Brown" vs. "Bay"

In this article, Clare discusses the difference between "Brown" and "Bay" horses.

Featuring: “Justice” : 14 year old, 14.3hh, brown bay, Quarter Horse gelding

Wording from video:

About his color:

Most people don't know this, but if you have a bay horse, a brown horse, that is lighter brown in their points - so he's a really good example of that. See his muzzle, see how he's lighter brown around his muzzle? It's really obvious on him.

Also, lighter brown around his eyes, and then what we call the points: so lighter brown around his flank.

That color is actually called a "brown."

I know, it's a very boring word.

And if you say "my horse is brown" to people that don't know that YOU know the difference, they think you're a ding-a-ling and that you're just saying that the horse is brown, and they're thinking "well why doesn't she call the horse a bay?"

But in actuality: if they're lighter colored around their points they're actually technically a "brown."

I usually say "bay" anyway because people think I'm a dodo if I don't.

But there's your lesson of the day for colors!



"The difference between the Rabicano and the Bay Roan color"


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