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  • Clare Long

War Bridle

(The War Bridle): "Okay, I wanted you guys to see how to put on what I call a war bridle. Say you're driving down a country road and a horse is loose and it's walking along the road and you're thinking, “Oh, S-H-I-T, I got to catch this horse,” but you don't have a halter, you don't have a bridle, you don't have anything with you, but you got to catch him. I recommend a war bridle. I'm going to show you guys how to do it with the reins, but you don't have to have reins. You can have a leash for your dog. What's in the car? I've got a scarf. I've got an extra shirt. I've got a jacket. I've got whatever it is, it serves as a war bridle. So you catch the horse. You tell them they're okay. You put the scarf or the shirt or your dog's leash, or whatever you happen to have around their neck. Wrap this around the nose and close your hand here. Works great with a scarf. Works great with anything you've got in the car. It goes over their ears. This one, the one closest to you, goes around the schnozzle and the handle is here. It's the war bridle. They're fabulous. You can lead them as long and as far as you want them to go. If I want Mr. Dom to come with me, I got it. Here he is. I'm not going to take the time to show you how it is with a shirt or scarf or doggie leash, it doesn't matter. I've taken a shirt off my body and used it, Simple Simon. Slip it over their head, correct. And there's your war bridle. Good thing for you guys to know, because how many of us are driving around with a halter in our car? If there's an emergency, put a war bridle on the horse and they steer great. They're wonderful. I can do whatever I want with him now. War bridle. Most people don't know about the war bridle, but there it is."


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