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  • Clare Long

Water Options in Bedrooms

Please give them these deeper buckets of water. Not the old-fashioned kind.

Remember the old-fashioned kind, the self fills were just those small little metal saucers? In the olden days, they had that little tongue that the horses had to push down on to make the water come out. I guess they hadn't created floaters yet?

I really prefer that the horse can put their entire face in the water bucket. I don't want them to have to wait for the water bowl to refill while they're drinking water.

Water is extraordinarily important. If your horse doesn't drink they're not gonna make it. So do anything that you can do to encourage your horse to drink.

These self fills are really wonderful because they can drink their fill without having to wait for the water to refill.

If you want to fill water buckets by hand, that's fine: some people like to do that because they want to be able to monitor how much water that their horse is actually drinking each day. So some people hang water buckets and some people have the big tubs on the ground.

I love these self fill deep water buckets. You don't have to worry about it ever being empty because it self fills. And it's deep enough that they can shove their whole face in it if they want and drink their fill.



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