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  • Clare Long

Welded Wire vs. No Climb Fencing

On welded wire: we love it. I'm not sure who put the rubber mats up in this stall, but if horses kick the walls, you can put these rubber mats up and it protects not only the fence but it also protects the horse's body.

Welded wire is relatively new. The panels come with the welded wire already on there. It's much stronger, it doesn't break off and get dangerous the way that no climb fencing does.

(Helpful Hint: Give your horses neighbors! They want to be able to touch noses.)

Now, it doesn't matter your barn looks kind of shabby. We don't care. They're barns. It doesn't matter if things have gotten kind of beat up. It doesn't matter, as long as it's safe. And the welded wire is super safe.



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