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  • Clare Long

Your horses misery is not justified.

(From Clare's article archives, Circa 2010-2015)

It is not OK.

Please, I am begging you, do not shove your horse into a dark, depressing stall for the winter!

Yesterday, I visited a friend at a local barn, and I was appalled!

Oh! My! Lord!

It was horrifyingly depressing and upsetting.

The horses were gazing at me so miserable, imploring me with their eyes and full body language, to rescue them.

Get me out of here! Was what they were screaming with their expressions!

They looked beaten down, pathetic.

Many of them showed ribs, and their coats looked horrible.

I was desperate to rescue each and every one of them, but of course I couldn't.

So, I am trying to help them with my words.

I implore you, do not torture your horses by keeping them at barns like that!

Your horses misery is not justified.

It is not OK.

However you rationalize it, it is not OK.

It is torture, of the most depressing kind.

You claim to love your horse.

If you love your horse, do not keep them at a place like this.

If people refuse to board at these horrible places, then the owners with go out of business.

We want that!

The owners are, in my opinion, criminal, for supplying such a place.

And the horse owners are criminal, for giving them money for a horse hell.

I apologize it I upset you with this blog: actually, I am not sorry.

I hope my words shock you into action!

I implore you, get your horses out of there!

And, please pass the message on to your friends and associates and acquaintances.

They need to get their horses out of there too!


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