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  • Clare Long

Washing the Face

When it's cold outside, you might be able to keep your horse's body warm with coolers, but how do you wash their faces during the process? Clare discusses the best way in this video excerpt from "Showering and Bathing in Cold Weather."

An excerpt from Clare's Educational Video: "Showering/Bathing in Cold Weather"

Full video here

Featuring: "Justice"

13 year old, 14.3hh, brown bay, Quarter Horse gelding



"One Helpful Hint to Knowing if your Horse is Cold”

"Helpful Hint: Using Leg Wrap as Surcingle for Coolers”

"Coolers, Explained”

"The Beauty of Polar Fleece”

"Quartering, Explained”

“Showering and/or Bathing in cold weather”

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