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Free, Rescue & Re/home Horses

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Sale Horses

Western, English, Pleasure

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Free, Rescue &

Re/Home Horses

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Sold & Successfully Placed Horses

In just over 45 years, Clare has successfully Sold/Placed/Rescued
horses into wonderful, 'forever' homes!

 Matchmaking between horse and human at its best!


Clare is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, with over 40 years of experience in riding, training, rehabbing, rescuing, and re/homing horses.


  Currently, Clare concentrates and focuses more and more on helping the Rescue groups, and individual owners, find loving homes for their rescue horses in need.  


And for the rescues she works with and helps to place, all her work is performed and offered Pro Bono: Free, without commissions or fees.


Clare says, "My reward is successfully placing Rescues into loving homes where they can be happy and healthy."


  Clare is motivated by her pure, simple, and true love of horses.


Clare's approach towards her training is based upon creating and building boundaries;  while nourishing, encouraging, and celebrating the horse's inherent joy of life. 


She's dedicated to improving the lives of horses worldwide... one horse handler at a time. She believes there are no bad horses... only horse handlers that require guidance and advice.  


Her enormous success comes from her vast experience, total dedication, and profound love of horses.


Look how this handsome boy has blossomed!


Zorro ties "straight on" nicely.

He is very brave and unafraid of "scary" things.

He is great with his feet, and will always be able to go barefoot.

Zorro is a Warmbloody type of Thoroughbred, with good substance, height and bulk.

He is an excellent, expressive mover.

He is in tack, and ready to get going again under saddle.

Zorro will be a super riding horse for you gentlemen out there too!

Rehome fee is currently only $1500! 


Proudly located with and offered by:

Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales-



20ish year old, 16hhish, black bay,

Thoroughbred (we think), gelding

He is a bit spicy, with extra amounts of energy and "enthusiasm".

He is forward thinking, and especially likes to canter.

Zorro will bond with his person beautifully, and be a marvelous best friend/riding companion.

He is good with grooming, wearing a blanket, fly spray, water, etc.

I was told that he had a casual/pleasure riding horse career.

Rehome fee is currently only $1500, however fees will increase, as training progresses and costs accrue.


Located with Clare in Petaluma, Ca.

Lots of videos can be seen on our Facebook Page:

Clare Long | Facebook

Delightful Pony now available for sale to the perfect home!

Proudly Presented and Offered by-

Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales:



17 year oldish, 12.2hhish, Chocolate Palomino Pony


This Pony is super cute and super flashy!

She has very fancy gaits!

A bit of a Hackney Pony type; in her movement, carriage, and way of going.

Blondie is decidedly well mannered, although she does have some "Cinnamon Spice" in her, and is comfortable with her opinions.

Blondie acts more like a small horse, than like a pony.

She is easy to lead, and extremely fun to work with and to be around.

Blondie is 100% sound and healthy (Contact Clare for her conditions and limitations).

She is comfortable barefoot.

Excellent for the farrier.

Blondie is an experienced, accomplished and reliable riding pony!

She has spent lots of time under saddle in the hills of Nevada.

She is very brave and confident.

Blondie will be a wonderful pony for your children and grandchildren.

Great for beginners and new riders.

Great for lead line riding.


Lots of Videos can be seen on our Facebook Page:

Clare Long | Facebook

Or I would be happy to text them to you.


More Photos and Videos coming right away!


Located with Clare in Petaluma, Ca.

Owner loves her, however Grand-Children are now too big to ride Blondie, and we don't think Blondie is ready to retire!


Price Negotiable (to the perfect home of course).



15 year old,  brown/bay, Registered Paso Fino gelding

Belongs to S.E.R.R.A


Description and photos Provided by Rescue Group):

"Dali is a 15-year old registered Paso Fino gelding (registered name is “Westwinds Dali”).  He is advanced in his Parelli natural horsemanship training and is looking for his person to love.  Handsome and smart he needs someone who will enjoy and appreciate his training--mostly on trails with occasional arena work (where he can become bored).  He is best in a bitless bridle."

Located in Petaluma, Ca.

Adoption Fee $2,500

"Bella Mia":

10 year old, 16.2hh, bay, JC Registered Thoroughbred mare


Lots of NEW photos and videos!


Belongs to Sundance Horse Rescue


(Description, photos and videos Provided by Rescue Group):

Bella Mia is a gorgeous, talented and gentle tempered OTTB mare.  Just turned 10 years old on April 3. 16.2hh.  Only 6 races and healthy and sound.  She is trained in arena, jumping and trails.  She is willing and honest.  She listens closely to your whispered verbal cues and engages nicely when asked from body or leg cues. She will capture your heart with her softness and delight you in whatever adventure you bring to her. 

She has been ridden by teenagers and is calm around animals.  Wears shoes on front. 


Located in Penn Valley. Ca.


Adoption Fee $7,500

Bella Mia2


(Belongs to Sundance Horse Rescue)

13 year old, 14.3hh, chestnut, Appendix mare

(Description and photos provided by Rescue Group):

"Sasha is a healthy and sound 13 year old Appendix and in training for basic ground work.  She halters, leads, fly mask, fly spray and is learning about picking up her back feet. We expect her to be rideable, but she is a project horse with tons of potential and a kind willingness to try new things. She learns best with positive reinforcement and/or click training.  That's just what has worked well so far, but she is smart and could learn just about anything..."


Located in Penn Valley, Ca.


Adoption Fee $1,500


Lots more photos and videos available by request