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Sale Horses

Western, English, Pleasure

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Free, Rescue &

Re/Home Horses

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Sold & Successfully Placed Horses

In just over 45 years, Clare has successfully Sold/Placed/Rescued
horses into wonderful, 'forever' homes!

 Matchmaking between horse and human at its best!


Clare is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, with over 40 years of experience in riding, training, rehabbing, rescuing, and re/homing horses.


  Currently, Clare concentrates and focuses more and more on helping the Rescue groups, and individual owners, find loving homes for their rescue horses in need.  


And for the rescues she works with and helps to place, all her work is performed and offered Pro Bono: Free, without commissions or fees.


Clare says, "My reward is successfully placing Rescues into loving homes where they can be happy and healthy."


  Clare is motivated by her pure, simple, and true love of horses.


Clare's approach towards her training is based upon creating and building boundaries;  while nourishing, encouraging, and celebrating the horse's inherent joy of life. 


She's dedicated to improving the lives of horses worldwide... one horse handler at a time. She believes there are no bad horses... only horse handlers that require guidance and advice.  


Her enormous success comes from her vast experience, total dedication, and profound love of horses.




14 year old, 12.3hh, fancy colored Pinto, Grade Pony


(Description and photos provided by owner):


"Dolly is a very experienced children's Riding Pony, perfect for teaching your little ones how to ride!  She is great as a Lead Line and Lunge Line Pony! She is go-ey, forward moving, but still safe with a more advanced child riding on their own in the Arena and on the Trail.  She has gone on trails, beginning gymkhana, gone in the water/lake. She has ponied for lessons. Dolly is a super easy keeper.  She is great for farrier. No shoes. We would keep her forever if we could. My daughter is too tall for her. She does not have mare attitude. She is smart and confident. She gets along with other horses and animals.

🥕🥕🥕new saddle for Dolly available…..If needed."

Lots of Videos can be seen here:

Or, I would be happy to text them to you.


Asking $3500, Negotiable to the perfect home.

Located in Kelseyville, Ca.




4 year old, 14.1hh and growing, buckskin, Grade gelding

(Description by Trainer):

"Starbuck" is unpapered but he does have a paper trail of ownership. One owner, bought as a yearling. Well loved. Still growing, he will make somebody an exceptional partner. Highly adventurous. Well exposed. Nothing spooks him. Has been bitted"


(Description, photos and video provided by owner):

"Looking to rehome my 4 year old buckskin gelding.  He's sound, has strong feet, no shoes needed.  UTD shots worming. Had 90 days Professional training - 60 days at Galligan’s Performance and 30 with Sarah Owsiany.  He's outgoing and loves people, cows running.  He's a bit too spunky for my granddaughter."




Located in Cloverdale, Ca.


"Veloz AC"

2019, 16.3hh, Buckskin, PRE Andalusian Stallion

Been searching for that perfect, Adult Amateur PRE Andalusian?

Well, here he is!

What a beauty, and clearly a doll as well!

Excellent temperament.


"Veloz AC":

2019, 16.3hh, Buckskin, PRE Andalusian Stallion


Bred and handled by a fantastic Breeder/Trainer, with a marvelous Iberian Horse program in Spain. 


(Description by Trainer):

"In the buckskin PRE Horse that we show you today, quality and movements are combined,

these characteristics make it a very special horse,

since in this color it is difficult to find these two qualities united.

For what it makes us see in these moments we intuit that when the horse is finished developing,

it is going to be a horse of imposing physique,

with a lot of race and according to the prototype of Spanish horse,

something that is not easy to find in the special color."

Lots more information about the barn, program and Veloz by request.


Clean Radiographs from June of 2022.


Lots more photos and video available by request.


Located in Spain.


Offered at $27,500

BAROQUE BUCKSKIN PRE - 166 CM - HD 1080p (1).mov




Buckskin PRE.mp4



Born June of 2020, already over 15.3hh, Cremello, PRE Andalusian colt

Check out this incredible, extraordinarily fancy beauty!


Bred and handled by a fantastic Breeder/Trainer, with a marvelous Iberian Horse program in Spain.


(Description by Owner/Breeder/Trainer):

"This Spanish Cremello colt, who will not be 2 years old until June, is already 154 cm tall.

This young Cremello of complete and beautiful morphology,

is a very exclusive colt because in the Cremello color it is difficult to find a colt with this quality,

but the most remarkable in him, is undoubtedly his character, a sweet colt,

very affectionate and easy to handle, always demanding cuddles and attentions.

As for his genetics, he is of Cremello coat, so he has double cr and double small e,

which can give rise to a great diversity of colors.

We have video available for serious interested clients, also analysis of color and is also piro free.

Definitely a good bet for those who are looking for a future cremello stallion to create a breeding of special layers."


Lots more information about the barn, program and colt by request.


Pre-Purchase available from March of 2022.


Lots more photos and video available by request.


Located in Spain.


Offered at $22,000

CREMELLO PRE - Born June 2020 - PIRO FREE.mp4